Invest in GeniusU and take advantage of a 25% increase within 30 days

Pre Launch Closed
$1,410,000 raised.

Launch Opens 13 May 2021
Target $1 million.

Pre Registration is now open to our
existing GeniusU community only.

Invest from only $5,000 at a 25% discount on the current valuation. Valid for May 2021 only.

Following GeniusU’s recent $202 million independent valuation (a 430% growth from the prior investment round), GeniusU will be raising $1 million, starting with as little as $5,000 from our current GeniusU community. This insider opportunity enables you to acquire shares at a 25% discount to the valuation, at a GeniusU valuation of $150 million.

The Pre Launch closed at the end of Q1 2021 and raised a total of $1,410,000 from our current investors.

The Launch phase is open for 2 weeks only from Thursday 13 May until Thursday 27 May 2021 when the value will increase to $202 million. Giving you a 25% capital growth within 30 days.

The full funding round will close on 27 May and is expected to be oversubscribed before the closing date. It is limited to 50 investors with $1 million in shares available.

Five things to know


GeniusU is currently 100% owned by Genius Group. By having additional investors purchasing shares, we can demonstrate the independent value of GeniusU now, and we already have a plan in place to list GeniusU separately as a public subsidiary of Genius Group in 3 years time when Genius Group reaches $1.5 billion in valuation. This will be a minimum of 10x capital growth (if we succeed with this plan).


In July 2020 we received an independent valuation of GeniusU for $202 million, however by the international audit standards. We are not able to show this significant capital value in our financials as we have for our other acquisitions, as it was a related transaction.We do want to show the value of our Edtech platform and how it impacts the value of Genius Group as a whole. This investment round enables us to do that.


Now is the ideal time for this raise, since the market is at an unprecedented high. The demand for Edtech companies is even higher, as the education market is currently seen as one of the biggest post-pandemic opportunities for disruption. While many argue the current investment markets are overpriced, with the additional stimulus package President-Elect Joe Biden has just announced, we expect this bullish trend to continue in the near term.


We will explain this more in detail on our Launch call. We will be launching this $1 million raise with investment amounts between $5,000 and $150,000 on Thursday 13 May 2021 at a $150 million valuation, which is a 25% discount on the current valuation of GeniusU. This is a private ‘friends and family’ offering to our current GeniusU community only.


This Launch phase follows a Pre Launch phase where investors have already seen 50% growth in their capital value. To find out more details, please join the live webcast on Thursday 13 May at 9am UK time / 4pm SG time (registration below) where we are offering the Launch opportunity to those who attend and take advantage.

The Launch will be on the 13th May to our GeniusU community. We expect this round to be fully subscribed due to the limited investor spots and amount of shares allocated. Investors will be received on a first come first serve basis.

To register for the launch, simply click on the button below, register and join our webcast on Thursday 13 May with Roger Hamilton. You can also book in your call with our Global Investments Manager, Daniel Acutt.

Applications strictly close on 27th May or when the subscription is full, whichever comes first.

Registration is open.

What else do you
need to know

GeniusU is currently 100% owned by Genius Group, a $300+ million group of companies. GeniusU is a public limited company based in Singapore and is accepting only 50 shareholders with a $1 million target in this raise. This means space is limited. We are offering you and our other investors in Genius Group the first Launch opportunity to acquire shares in this rase. A 25% discount on on the current valuation.

For those who chose to be a part of this round, this will mean an increase in your investment of 25% by the end of May 2021, determined by our fair market valuation. Our 3 year plan is to list GeniusU at a $1.5 billion valuation, which (if we are successful) equates to 10x return within 3 years.

For those who chose to be a part of this round, this will mean an increase in your investment of 25% by the end of May 2021, determined by our fair market valuation. Our 3 year plan is to list GeniusU at a $1.5 billion valuation, which (if we are successful) equates to 10x return within 3 years.

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With over 1 million members and growing by 1,000 a day, GeniusU is the largest online platform for entrepreneurs.


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Today, it is the entrepreneurs of the world who have the greatest power to trigger change. In partnership with Buy1Give1 GeniusU members can make giving impacts on GeniusU to support causes aligned with their purpose.


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Cities With Members & Events On GeniusU

Investment Application

Complete the details below and you will then be directed to schedule a meeting time with Danny Acutt, our Investment Manager.


+ Who can invest in GeniusU?

The pre launch to our current investors and launch to anyone who is not an investor in Genius Group. US Citizens cannot invest during this time unless they are a sophisticated investor.

+ How much can I invest?

In the pre launch and launch periods, you can invest at GOLD from $10,000 - $24,999, or from $25,000 to $100,000 in order to join our Impact Investor Circle. Investment.

+ What do I receive for my investment?

You will receive ordinary shares in GeniusU PTE Ltd, a singapore based company. For the first $500,000 investment in this round there is a bigger discount on the valuation, offering a greater growth. Investing with $25,000+ will result in Impact Investor Level and comes with benefits such as the Impact Investor Retreat invite and quarterly live Q&A calls.

+ What are the next steps after I apply?

Once you apply by completing the details on this page, you will be redirected to a page to book a call with our Investment Manager, Danny Acutt. He will walk you through the process and answer any further questions you have. Once you have decided on the best option for you, Danny will give you the steps to invest. Investors are received on a first come, first served basis and we expect to be oversubscribed. So we recommend you do not delay your application if you are interested.

+ What will the investment funds be used for?

The investment funds will be used toward the ongoing development of GeniusU and to continue the growth of the company.

+ What are the risks for investors?

As with all the investments in company shares, there is no guarantee of return. Risk may come from potential competitors and changes in market conditions as a standard. The management of Genius Group and GeniusU constantly seek to maximise the growth and success of the company while minimising risk.

+ Will I receive dividends?

GeniusU, as an Edtech company, has a strategy is to reinvest profits into the development of the platform to minimize debt and maximise revenue and value of the company.

+ How can I sell my shares?

As a private Edtech company, if you choose to sell your shares, you will need to match your shares with a willing buyer. These shares are not publicly traded. We may be able to assist you as there is expected to be an ongoing demand for share purchases in GeniusU.

+ What communications will I receive?

We send an investor update each quarter, and for those who are in our Impact Investor Circle (for investments of US$25,000 or more) we run quarterly investment calls. Our Investor Relations team are also always available to support our investors.

+ Who owns GeniusU today?

GeniusU is a private company registered in Singapore. 100% of the share capital is owned by Genius Group Ltd. a public limited company in Singapore.

+ Who manages GeniusU today?

GeniusU is managed by Roger Hamilton as the CEO, Suraj Naik as the CTO, Michelle Clarke as the CMO with multiple project management teams and development teams globally.

+ What additional information is available?

Once you have registered for this round, you will have the opportunity to speak to Danny Acutt, our Investments Manager, and he will be able to answer all your questions in addition to providing additional information requested.

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